Crankpot Industries!

During our first half term in Year 1, we worked as Scientists for Professor Crankpot at Crankpot Industries. As part of our job role we had to research, explore and learn about materials and their properties. This included what they are used for and whether they are man made or natural. We had our own science lab to help us with this.

We also had many other English and Maths tasks including learning about numbers, number formation, place value and familiar stories. We even wrote some of our own stories after reading a selection in class. We looked at lists, labels and captions and used these to help Crankpot with some of his tasks.

We stared to explore seasons and weather and focussed on Autumn. We completed a nature walk and produced some fantastic work and artwork linked to Autumn.

Crankpot was super impressed with our work as Scientists and said we really helped him out.


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