Time Agents!

This half term Beech class have been working for The Time Institute as Time Agents. We were contacted by the Time Institute with a very worrying problem – The evil trickster Vortex was trying to erase the past and they needed our help to stop him.

In order to do this we had to learn and report back about some key individuals and events in History. This included Grace Darling and the famous lighthouse rescue, The Great Fire of London through Samuel Pepys diary and Queen Victoria and the Victorian Era. Our recent trip to Beamish helped us to learn about life during the Victorian times (you can read all about this in our Beamish blog).

In English we focused on recounts and using time conjunctions to order events for The Time Institute. We also looked at story language and using this to write our own short stories with a beginning, middle and ending.

In Maths we have continued to practise our adding, subtracting and times table skills. We received a package from The Time Institute which we had to explore. Inside it was full of 2d and 3d shapes which we described, drew and matched up to their names.



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