On Wednesday 22nd November Beech class ventured on a school trip to Beamish to help them with their learning about The Victorians. During the day we attended a workshop where we went back in time to a Victorian school! Here we had to follow strict rules from the Teacher, write using sand and slate and add and subtract using wooden pegs. We were very good at following the rules and learned all about how school has changed since Victorian times. After this we explored Beamish in our groups by walking, tram and bus. We saw many interesting things including the; sweet shop, train station, lawyers, dentist, bank, houses, shops, school, farm, garage and many more! One of the most interesting things we were able to take part in was a trip down the mine shaft. We had to wear a mining hard hat and ventured down into the coal mine tunnel where we learned what is was like to be a miner. Our trip really helped us to imagine and learn what life was like in Victorian times and how it is different to how we live today. What a great day!


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