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Portal Digital

Portal Digital – Olive Stein’s new digital multimedia company was launched and we were working as Digital Developers to help create a variety of online media for The Portal website. Each week we had 4 tasks consisting of: videos, blogs, entertainment and news. We created, uploaded and shared a range of work, videos, vlogs, blogs, artwork, pictures and tasks for everyone to explore. We learned about many new things including instructional writing, poetry, creating characters, measures, fractions, shapes, food, (including French food), the artist Ted Harrison and the religion of Hinduism. We throughly enjoyed working for Olive and presenting our tasks on The Portal website. Our hard work was evident and we hope to work for Olive again! To explore photos and videos from Portal Digital have a look at The Portal website.

Eddie the Elf!

On the 1st December Beech class arrived at school to a letter from the North Pole. It was from Eddie the Elf explaining that he was coming to stay with us for December to see what wonderful things we do in Beech Class.

During this time we found out that Eddie is very mischievous and likes to surprise us in the morning. He joined us in our lessons and joined in with our tasks. He has enjoyed his time in Beech  class and has been very impressed with all of the Year 1 children. Now it is time to go back to the North Pole to help Santa prepare for Christmas!

Time Agents!

This half term Beech class have been working for The Time Institute as Time Agents. We were contacted by the Time Institute with a very worrying problem – The evil trickster Vortex was trying to erase the past and they needed our help to stop him.

In order to do this we had to learn and report back about some key individuals and events in History. This included Grace Darling and the famous lighthouse rescue, The Great Fire of London through Samuel Pepys diary and Queen Victoria and the Victorian Era. Our recent trip to Beamish helped us to learn about life during the Victorian times (you can read all about this in our Beamish blog).

In English we focused on recounts and using time conjunctions to order events for The Time Institute. We also looked at story language and using this to write our own short stories with a beginning, middle and ending.

In Maths we have continued to practise our adding, subtracting and times table skills. We received a package from The Time Institute which we had to explore. Inside it was full of 2d and 3d shapes which we described, drew and matched up to their names.


Gymnastics Festival

On Thursday 31st November 2017 Beech class attended Blyth Sports Centre to take part in a Gymnastics Festival. There were many schools from Blyth and Bedlington taking part and children of all different ages presented their gymnastics routine to each other. Beech class were amongst some of the youngest children who took part and their routine was performed brilliantly. In gymnastics they have been learning how to balance, jump, roll and travel and our routine consisted of working in partners to showcase these skills. Well done to all of the Year 1 children for performing your fantastic routine!


On Wednesday 22nd November Beech class ventured on a school trip to Beamish to help them with their learning about The Victorians. During the day we attended a workshop where we went back in time to a Victorian school! Here we had to follow strict rules from the Teacher, write using sand and slate and add and subtract using wooden pegs. We were very good at following the rules and learned all about how school has changed since Victorian times. After this we explored Beamish in our groups by walking, tram and bus. We saw many interesting things including the; sweet shop, train station, lawyers, dentist, bank, houses, shops, school, farm, garage and many more! One of the most interesting things we were able to take part in was a trip down the mine shaft. We had to wear a mining hard hat and ventured down into the coal mine tunnel where we learned what is was like to be a miner. Our trip really helped us to imagine and learn what life was like in Victorian times and how it is different to how we live today. What a great day!

Super Detectives!

This half term Beech class have been working as detectives at The Investigation Bureau. Our client,  Professor Crankpot,  had many tasks for us to complete for him.

He had forgotten all about materials so we have been exploring and investigating different materials and coming up with adjectives to describe them. We have found out about man-made and natural materials and what they can be used for.

In English we have been learning how to write labels, lists and captions and have created some for our classroom. We have also been learning how to write riddles and have been using our knowledge of materials to write some riddles for Crankpot.

In Maths we have been practising number formation, counting on and back in ones and have started to learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We know the meaning to some new maths words and symbols too! We have been using our knowledge of these symbols to complete ‘Big Maths Beat That’ challenges each week.

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